Music Rangers—what is it?

In a nutshell (ha): screen time that's actually good for you. And your child.


What is it? Music Rangers is a 23-part learning series. We made it during the height of the 2020 COVID pandemic, and now we want to offer it to you.

Made initially for preschools, our content covers a truly enormous variety of academic and musical topics.


What instrument do you teach? Well, it turns out that music, like language, is best learned by immersion and playful experimentation—with your whole body! To do this, we combine movement, singing, and basic instrument instruction.

Just like reading to your child supports literacy, our classes build familiarity and fluency with music. This way, your child is primed later in life to excel at reading and writing, as well as playing an instrument.


How smart will my child be? Spoiler: music doesn't "make your child smarter", but it does catalyze brain and body development, enhancing learning at home and in school. (It also give you a well-earned mental break.)

Check it out!

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