Class Times

Available on Oak and Forest plans. Times are in US Pacific Time.

Bolded classes currently have enrollment:

  • Mon 5:30 PM, Matt

  • Tue 9:15 AM, Victoria

  • Wed 11:00 AM, Jenn/Yonas

  • Wed 4:45 PM, Matt (Mandarin)

  • Wed 5:30 PM, Matt

  • Thu 10:00 AM, Yonas

  • Thu 5:30 PM, Victoria

  • Fri 1:00 PM, Jenn

  • Sat 9:00 AM, Matt/Yonas

Nothing works? Email us a time request :)

Welcome gift for new members:

Instrument Kit or Private Party

Cancel anytime. Full refund within 21 days of signup.

Full-Body Music—what is it?

In a nutshell (ha): Some places have group classes. Some have music ed episodes.

We have both.


Full-Body Music membership is the first-ever blended learning music program. That means it has two parts:

  • Asynchronous learning: Watch episodes on our Patreon page -- over 200 to choose from!

  • Synchronous learning: Weekly classes, tracking our FBM curriculum


"What instrument do you teach?" Well, it turns out that music, like language, is best learned by immersion and playful experimentation—with your whole body! To do this, we combine movement, singing, and basic percussion.

Just like reading to your child supports literacy, our classes build familiarity and fluency with music so that your child is primed later in life to excel at reading and writing music, as well as playing an instrument.


Spoiler: music doesn't "make your child smarter", but it does catalyze brain and body development, enhancing learning at home and in school. (It also give you a well-earned mental break.)

ALSO: Every new member gets a Welcome Gift: a 6-pc Instrument Kit or Private Party.

Plans & Options

Acorn 🌰️

FBM episode access

Oak 🌳

FBM episodes + 1 weekly class

🌲 Forest 🌲

FBM episodes + unlimited classes

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