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"Golden Acorn Online" interactive classes (ages 0-6)

Welcome to Golden Acorn Online! We’re glad you’re here. :)

Our unique blend of learning, creativity, and fun lives in every class, and we can’t wait to discover what you have to share.

For one monthly fee per household, you receive 4 classes, with a new theme every month. We offer a 2-week grace period for cancelling. Click for full class details.

Once you're ready, you can click the "Sign Up" link, which leads to a form where you can:

  • Enter your name and contact information
  • Choose your class time & payment method
  • Get ready for your first music. Refer a friend for one free class!

YouTube livestreams

~ Weekly: M/W/F @10am ~

We're here to help—children to stay active, parents to stay balanced. This is a new journey for everyone, and until we can see the end, we can be there to support one another.

We will do so through sharing of music and lessons learned. There is much to share; we hope you'll join us. And invite others!

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Two of our schools are open; 30 are closed. We craft our videos on YouTube for free, and appreciate any support you can offer in these trying times.

Music for the Home

We have all our recommended instruments online. Check them out!