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Interactive Music Β· Curriculum and Classroom Support

What's Included?

Every school receives:

  • Irresistible, interactive music classes and activities

  • A reliable, skilled music educator

  • Personalized class records [sample]

  • Whole-school access to the Song Library

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"Full-Body Music" events

Library Programs Β· Themed Events Β· Assemblies

What is Full-Body Music?

It is what the title implies: interactive, engaging programs families love. Virtual or in-person, we believe in families enjoying music together, building connections that last a lifetime.


Professional Development Β· One-on-one Coaching

What's Included?

We believe in three-factor training: what to use, how to use it, and why to use it that way.

Our workshops are 45min - 2.5hrs long. Content may be tailored to each individual school. Our three most popular:

  • Blossoming Music β€”How to use creative repetition to develop songs and enhance music time.

  • The Music Theory of Everything β€” Experience and learn basic skills in music theory: fundamental techniques that can be used in everyday life.

  • Inspiring Music β€” Introduces simple and flexible artistic tools, which boost confidence in leading, adapting, and connecting personally with songs.

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