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Upcoming Community Music Events!
  • Saturday 10/28, 11:00 AM, Sunnyvale Library — Matt and Gaby present a free family music & movement event, "Full-Body Music". Ages 0-5.
  • Thursday 11/16, 10:30 AM, Los Gatos Library — Matt presents a free family music & movement event, "Full-Body Music". Ages 0-5.
  • Thursday 12/7, 11:00 AM, Milpitas Library — Matt presents a free family music & movement event, "Full-Body Music". Ages 0-5.

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Meet Matt Fernald!

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May you and your children enjoy the wonders of music and all it touches!

This site is:
 A free, ever-growing musical resource for children and their caregivers;
 A home for Golden Acorn Music's services

  - Songs & Lyrics contains hundreds of songs for children, complete with lyrics, motions, video/audio, and chords.
  Lesson Plans contains plans for each of Golden Acorn Music's partner schools.

Under Resources, you will find:
  - Information for Schools, with information about our music classes.
  - Class Materials, with recommendations for books, instruments, recordings, and more.
  - Music @ Home, with external links to podcasts, online music channels, and websites filled with children's songs and rhymes.
  - Curriculum Goals, with detailed descriptions of our curriculum at all preschool ages.
  - Vocabulary, with an organized list of fundamental musical vocabulary and definitions.

Every week, we divide our time between several Bay Area preschools so that children can have a regular time for music that is engaging and instructive. Our focus is mainly on singing and rhythm, with additional emphasis on instrumental prowess, movement, and vocabulary.