Materials From Classes

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Individual favorites:
  • Puff the Magic Dragonby Peter Yarrow (Author), Lenny Lipton (Author), Eric Puybaret (Illustrator). Wonderful book. Includes a CD, but I don't recommend the music on it.
  • This Land Is Your Landby Woody Guthrie (Author), Kathy Jakobsen (Illustrator). Beautiful illustrations. Amazingly detailed and accurate.
  • Baby Beluga, by Raffi (Author), Ashley Wolff (Illustrator). Children just LOVE this book. Simple and apt illustrations.
  • The Cat Came Back, by Bill Slavin (Adapter and Illustrator). Detailed illustrations tell this traditional song in a humorous and creative way. Most popular with children aged 3+.
  • Abiyoyoby Pete Seeger (Adapter/Storyteller) and Michael Hays (Illustrator). One of the most captivating stories from our classes. Includes a CD with two recordings of Pete Seeger telling the full story.
  • We're Going on a Bear Huntby Helen Oxenbury (Author) and Michael Rosen (Illustrator). You'd be hard-pressed to find an experienced classroom teacher who hasn't seen this book. You simply can't go wrong with this wonderful adaptation of such a classic children's chant.
John Feierabend, "First Steps in Music" series:
  • Over in the MeadowJohn Feierabend and Marissa Napoletano. This is a well-known classic tune of counting, animals, family, and rhyming, with beautiful, rich illustrations.
  • The CrabfishJohn Feierabend and Vincent Nguyen. Lively, colorful illustrations accompany a humorous and dramatic retelling of this 600-year-old folk song.
  • Risseldy, RosseldyJohn Feierabend and Ashley Poulin. A lovely, repetitive little tale about married life.
  • There's a Hole in the BucketJohn Feierabend and Marissa Madonna. This cleverly-wrought, circular story is a wonderful tale of logic and problem-solving.
Classical Music books (downloads below):
  • The Nutcracker, retold and illustrated by Susan Jeffers. The best (and perhaps only) faithful retelling of the ballet designed for preschoolers. Rich illustrations accompany simple text. 
  • Carnival of the Animalsby Jack Prelutsky (Author), Camille Saint-Saens (Composer), Mary GrandPre (Illustrator). A delightful adaptation of Saint-Saens' stimulating suite.
  • Peter and the Wolfby Vladimir Vagin (Adapter and Illustrator), Sergei Prokofiev (Composer). This is but one of many book adaptations of Prokofiev's well-known composition. The story is a delight for children of all ages, introducing them to the instruments of the orchestra through a captivating tale.
  • The Magic Flute, by Kyra Teis (Adapter and Illustrator), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer) Mozart's beloved opera comes to life in this creative, colorful adaptation of the opera.

  • Drums #1, a set of three small drums of increasing size.
  • Drums #2, a set of five drums. The largest drums are large indeed.
  • Drums #3, a large, loud gathering drum with a deep resonance.
  • Sticks #1 are small and light. One stick is smooth, the other grooved.
  • Sticks #2 are larger and denser. More expensive, but they make a much prettier sound, almost like that of real claves.
  • Xylophones have it all: letters, colors, and sizes. You can also remove individual bells!
  • Shakers are strong, durable, and colorful. I find this brand to be the best value; $21 gets you a dozen.
  • Shakers in bulk, another solid brand, purchased 48 at a time.
  • Scarves are machine-washable (cold cycle), visually stimulating, and great for dancing and pretend play.
  • Speaker is the UE Mini Boom, one of the best deals out there.