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Hello everybody,

Great job yesterday! Helping children write stories is so important, and the writing process can lead to writing songs, acting a story out, and connecting better with the children.

As always, email matt@goldenacornmusic.com with any questions.

To access everything from our workshops, see this email's attachments, or click below:

For Your Classrooms
1) Ask questions to encourage conflict (or a problem, or tension) into children's stories.
Two kinds of questions tend to work well:
Want: "What does ______ want?"
What If: "What if _______ happened?"

2) Using the "Story-Story" game, try creating a story with a group in your class. As a prompt, when you finish a song, ask an open-ended question for the children to answer. Let that be the start of your story.

Scroll down for a list of attachments:
- Pictures
- Spanish and English handouts

Until next time,
~ Matt and the Golden Acorn team

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