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Hello everybody,

Wonderful work on Thursday! Thank you for your flexibility in allowing Edna and I to make last-minute changes to our plans for the afternoon's session. I hope you all got ideas for new activities to do with your classes.

As always, email matt@goldenacornmusic.com with any questions.

To access everything from our workshops, see the bottom of this page.

For Your Classrooms
1) Try one of these theater games:

2) Keep working to incorporate music, movement, and drama into your lessons. Topics this year:
- Changing Songs
(Character, Content, Conduct)

- Music Theory
(Macrobeat, Microbeat)
(Meter, Rhythm Patterns)

- Dance and Movement
(Fast/Slow, Heavy/Light, Direct/Indirect)

- Theater and Story
(Character, Conflict, Resolution)
(Theater games)

Scroll down for a list of attachments:
- Pictures
- Spanish and English handouts

Until next time,
~ Matt and the Golden Acorn team

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