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Tarantainas de la Casa Sin Pared

This is a really fun song from Putumayo's "European Playground"!

Tengo una casa en el pueblo
Que está vieja y con heridas
Tiene el techo con goteras
Y alguna pared hundida
Las piedras y las maderas
Requemadas por el sol
Con zarzas en las esquinas
Y una parra en el balcón.
Y aunque está casi perdida,
La casita sin pared,
Es una casa bonita
Y la quiero defender

Tarantainas y más tarantainas
De la casa sin pared,
Sin puertas y sin ventanas,
Pronto volverá a nacer
Tarantainas y más tarantainas
De la casa sin pared,
Con tus manos y mis manos
Pronto volverá a nacer

Tendré que arreglar el techo
Y levantar la pared,
Poner terrazo en el patio
Y después retejaré,
Pondré ventanas muy altas
Orientadas hacia el sol,
Un hogar y una cadiera
Y flores en el balcón.
A la sombra de la casa
Mi familia crecerá,
Y si vienen los amigos,
¡Otras casas nacerán!


I have a house in town
That is old, with a lot of damage
The roof is full of leaks
And a wall that is caved in
The stone and the wood
Are dried out from the sun
With brambles growing in the corner
And a grapevine on the balcony
And even though the house is almost lost
The little house without walls,
It’s a beautiful house,
And I want to protect it.

Tarantainas and more tarantainas
From the house without walls
Without doors and without windows,
Soon it will be reborn
Tarantainas and more tarantainas,
From the house without walls,
With your hands and my hands,
Soon it will be reborn

I’ll have to fix the roof
And raise the wall,
Put new stones in the patio
And then I’ll replace all the tiles.
I’ll put in very tall windows
That face the sun
A new fireplace and dining room bench
And flowers on the balcony.
In the shade of the house
My family will grow
And if friends come,
Other houses will be born!

This song, with its obvious folk roots, lends itself well to simple dances.
Here's how I do it:

Intro (pre-verse)
Hold hands with your partner and jump, wiggle, rock...

Verse 1
Spin around with your partner.
After 16 beats, go the other way!

Prechorus (when song slows down a little)
High-five your partner, then put your arms over your head like a house (or casa, in this case)

Jump individually, roof over your head! "Casa, casa, casa sin pared"
After 16 counts, let your roof dissemble and clap on the beat

(Repeat movements for 2nd verse, prechorus, and chorus)

Before starting the recording, I always prepare by pairing children up and practicing each movement, slowly.