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This is an excellent song, and one of our most popular.

  Voice only

The stars at night go Twink-a-link-a-link
A-way up in the sky
The moon at night goes Wink-a-link-a-link
And shines right in my eye
The skunk at night goes Stink-a-link-a-link
I wish he'd pass right by
Oh, Twink-a-link-a-link
Oh, Wink-a-link-a-link
Oh, Stink-a-link-a-link
Good night

  Voice only

"Twinkle" hands by opening and closing them

"Wink" by opening and closing hands and eyes

Pinch nose while singing

"Twinkle" hands
"Wink" eyes and hands
Pinch nose
Mime sleep
Language: Work on the "ink-a-link-a-link" parts. What else is out at night? How would we sing it into the song?
Have fun: Pretend to sleep at the end, and let the children wake you up
Calm the class: Once they're used to waking you up, have them fall asleep. You can choose how to wake them up:
Name by name?
With animal sounds?