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Just Kidding

This song is a wonderful anthem to childhood. Below is the recording from Putumayo's "Folk Playground".

I think I'll go for a stroll with my favorite troll
Take a ride on the back of my dinosaur Jack
It's such a fine day to fly! I guess I'll be a jet plane
And if a grown-up person asks what I'm doing, I'll explain:

Just kidding, just bein' a kid
I'm just kidding, from Montpelier* to Madrid
So good to be kidding, what a world we're all in;
Don't know how we'll grow up but what a way to begin!

After a hard day in the dirt, how 'bout a cookie for dessert?
Better give me an extra twelve: might have to entertain an elf!
Oh yes, and two or three for Mary; don't forget her little lamb
And if a grown-up person tells me "Act your age!" I'll say, "I am!"


Now I play with a gold kid named Gill, my blue buddy Bill
Got a pink pal Pauleen, and her sister Sal is green
Orange Al's a good friend; Purple Pete, what a guy!
Big folks don't understand our rainbow prettier than any in the sky


Now I'm a kid, small and proud; sing it long, sing it loud
Getting stronger every day; I guess it's gotta be that way
But there's one thing I know, I'll never forget:
I'll always be a kid inside, no matter how old I get!

(Chorus x2)

*Sing whatever city name you want! Jon Gailmor is from Vermont, so he chose Montpelier for the official recording.