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Juguemos en el Bosque

Many children in Latin America play this classic circle-and-chase game. Visit to see more details.

Juguemos en el bosque
Mientras el lobo está, el lobo está...?

Lobo: Me estoy bañando

Niños: (Coro)

Lobo: Me estoy secando

Niños: (Coro)

Lobo: Me estoy poniendo los pantalones.

Niños: (Coro)

Lobo: Me estoy poniendo la camisa…(los calcetines… los

Niños: (Coro)

Lobo:¡Ya estoy aquí!

We play in the woods
While the wolf is, the wolf is...?

Wolf: I'm taking a bath.

Children: (Chorus)

Wolf: I'm drying myself.

Children: (Chorus)

Wolf: I'm putting my pants on.

Children: (Chorus)

Wolf: I'm putting my shirt on… (my socks… my shoes… etc.)

Children: (Chorus)

Wolf: I'm here!

Game Instructions

The children walk in a circle, the wolf is either outside or inside it. The children sing the chorus.
The child who is the wolf answers and can add as many things as he or she wishes to make the game longer. When the wolf answers "Ya estoy aquí" (I'm here) all the children start running and the one that the wolf catches becomes the new wolf.

If you're playing indoors, when the wolf arrives, the children in the circle should drop down and try to be a s quiet as possible. The wolf will then pick a child to be the new wolf, and take their place in the circle. (Pick the quietest one, or the one who was first to drop down... or make up your own rule!)

Antarctica variation: Renamed "Juguemos in la Nieve", children play in the snow while the wolf is sleeping.