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Johnny (Jamie) on the Woodpile

This song is a simple echo song. It is easily editable, so I often ask for children's input once they've heard the form and rhythm a few times. The original only contains the second verse, and is about a boy named Johnny. In the interest of adapting folk songs to a more egalitarian age, I wrote three additional verses and substituted the name "Jamie".

Jamie at the market (echo)
Jamie at the fair (echo)
Jamie plays around now (echo)
Most everywhere (echo)

Jamie on the woodpile,
Jamie on the fence,
Jamie got a haircut
For fifteen cents

Jamie on the rooftop
Jamie on the floor
Jamie got a donut
And (s)he wants some more

Jamie lost his/her donut
Dropped it in the dirt
Jamie made a mess now
on his/her face and shirt