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I Am A Pizza

Super fun song! Ham it up at the end when the pizza is sad. Bon appetit!

I am a pizza (echo)
With extra cheese (echo)
From tomatoes (echo)
Sauce is squeezed (echo)
Onions and mushrooms (echo)
Oregano (echo)
I am a pizza
Ready to go!

Ô, je suis un pizza (echo)
Avec du fromage (echo)
Beaucoup de sauce (echo)
Des tomates (echo)
Des oignons, des champignons (echo)
Épices mélangees (echo)
Je suis une pizza
prête à manger

I am a pizza (echo)
Pepperoni (echo)
No anchovies (echo)
Or phony baloney (echo)
I am a pizza (echo)
Order by phone (echo)
I am a pizza
Please take me home

I am a pizza (echo)
Peppers on top (echo)
Out of the oven (echo)
Into the box (echo)
Into the car and (echo)
Upside down (echo)
I am a pizza
dropped on the ground

(More slowly)
I was a pizza (echo)
I was the best (echo)
I was a pizza
Now I'm a mess!

(This is the French version of the first verse. Enjoy!)