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Brian O'Lynn

This is a humorous old Irish tune! The mp3 at the top of this page has a solo rendition of this song.
You might also check out these stunning acoustic versions on ukulele and octar.

Oh Brian O'Lynn was a gentleman born,
His hair it was long and his beard was unshorn
His teeth they went out and his eyes they went in
Oh fantastical features had Brian O'Lynn
(or: "I'm a natural beauty," says Brian O'Lynn)

Oh Brian O'Lynn had no coat to put on
He bought a big buckskin to make him a one
He clamped the two horns right under his chin
"Like a pair of tin whistles," says Brian O'Lynn
(or: "They'll answer for pistols," says Brian O'Lynn)

Oh Brian O'Lynn had no trousers to wear
He bought a big sheepskin to make him a pair
With the woolly side out and the fleshy side in
"There's pleasant and cool," said Brian O'Lynn

O Brian O'Lynn had no watch for to wear
He got a big turnip and scooped it out fair
He put a live cricket into it then
"They'll think it's a-ticking," said Brian O'Lynn

Oh, Brian O'Lynn had an old grey mare
Her legs they were long and her sides they were bare
He galloped away through thick and through thin
"I'm a wonderful beauty," says Brian O'Lynn

Brian O'Lynn and his wife and wife's mother
They were all crossing over the bridge together
The bridge it broke down and they all tumbled in
"We'll find ground at the bottom," says Brian O'Lynn